Papers Pertaining To
Virginia Natural Resources
An Introduction to Uranium
(Mining Methods & Locations, Supply, and U. S. Demand)

This white paper is a brief outline of Uranium mining methods and locations, world production and reserves, and United States civilian nuclear power plant demand.  The paper presents a thumbnail of the following topics:
-  Formation of Uranium Ore
-  Current Major Uranium Mining Methods
-  World Uranium Reserves and Production
-  Past U. S. Uranium Mining and Current Locations
-  U. S. Domestic Production and Importation of Uranium
- Summary
Because this is intended as an overview for quick digestion and understanding each topic includes references which provide more detailed information and
discussion.  This paper does not include any consideration of the issues pertaining to uranium ore mining and its reduction (milling) to a more concentrate form.  This paper does not discuss best practices or regulation. These subjects will be addressed in a following paper.